Have you seen my Vine? Russell made it. Make sure noise is on. It almost as funny as me.

I like costumes.

Lil Sno sitting funny in blue dress

Look at this pretty dress Aunt Rachel crocheted for me! I like ruffles. And Ruffles Potato Chips. And saying, “ruff” cause I’m a dog! I sit funny.


Lil Sno in her blue dress like a seal!


Anybody got a ball. I look like a seal! Arf. Arf. I’m a dog. I like seals. I like treats.





Lil Sno Motorcycle



Grrrrrrrrrrrr-rrrrrrrrrrrrrr-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. My growl sounds like a motorcycle. Mom says I look like a Bruiser. I don’t know what that means.





Lil Sno with blue bows.




I’m pretty. I don’t really like bows. This look didn’t last long.





Lil Sno Antler with Pops



I like Dad. I like Christmas. I like this picture. It was my first Christmas with my family.







Lil Sno. The club can't even handle me right now.

I’m cool. The club can’t even handle something something? Mom likes Tom Cruise. I like cheese.



Lil Sno in her signature lettuce leaf hat.


Here’s me modeling signature lettuce leaf hat. See store!




I like Joe Dirt.


I like dirt. I like Joe Dirt. Life is a garden. Dig it. I dig lots of things, like gardens and holes for my animal carcasses parts. Don’t tell mommy. She doesn’t think I are dog. I can be in next movie, Mr. Spade?






Lil Sno Favorite Costume Scarlett Sno-Haira

Here’s me in my favorite costume. My Leigh made me a Scarlett Sno-Haira costume because I shed a lot and I have to get the money to pay the taxes on Tara.




Lil Sno Scarlett Sno-Haira


I go to horse jail, now, Mr. Rhett.





After the snotoshoot Lil Sno


Here me and Dad after my Sno-toshoot.





Here are more good photos of me. No more costumes. I like photos. Umm, I mean, Sno-tos. Sno-tos sound delicious. I like Snotos.

I'm Lil Sno Wasted.

haha. I’m Sno wasted. Not really. But, I like jumping on counters and licking dishes when my people aren’t looking.




Lil Sno likes Pinterest



I like Pinterest.






Lil Sno. This is my spot.


This is my spot. But, so is Beaux’s dog bed. But so is Mommy’s chair. So is that spot over there. Find nother spot.



Lil Sno likes Frostys.


I like Frostys. I miss Wendys in Lavonia. But, I also like Dairy Queen. Mommy says, I’m like queen! I like Frostys.








Me and my Leigh like to solve mysterys. This is when we discovered something shocking. Did you say guh-guh-guh-guh-ghost?!





One time, Daddy and Russell took me to the airport to pick up Leigh. We stopped at P.F. Changs. I like P.F. Changs. They wouldn’t give me any in the car on the ride home. But I dreamed of eating it all the way home.

Lil Sno at PF Changs

Hot Tub Safety Lil Sno

I like my Dad. I like hot tubs. I like to hot tub with my Dad. But only for a minute. I’m all about hot dog safety. I mean, hot tub safety. Dad says I’m a swimming dog. Beaux not swimming dog. He selectively bred for watersports over many generations and he no swim. He even have web feet. How come I not numberwun dog, again?



Lil Sno is scary

EEEEEee-eeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This picture is scary. Or is it Bowie? Sno Sno in Space.



Lil Sno is Smily in the Summer


I like summer. I smile in the summer. Summer makes me happy. Or thirsty. I can’t remember. I like summer.



I like sleeping and sitting.

Lil Sno likes to snooze.

Lil Sno blanket snuggle.


This was good snooze.








The snuggle is real. I like snuggle. I like blankets. I like tacos.




Lil Sno Morning Breath


yawn. Does I have morning breath? I like fish kisses.





Lil Sno Cover Thief




No. That’s ‘kay. I keep blankets.







Lil Sno Lil Pillow


This is my lil’ pillow. But so is that one over there. Lil’ Sno lil’ pillow. I like pancakes.




Lil Sno and Beaux on bed.Mommy tries to cover bed so dog hair not be on it. Me and Beaux show her it better this way. Russell say in dogworld, Beaux and I are married. I not know what that mean. Beaux, Daddy, and Russell are only boys I sleep with. No other boys. Only Beaux. Cause he was here when I got here.

Thanks for looking at my photos. You’re welcome.