Leighleigh says website would not be complete without section for other dogs who live here. Fine. I show you other dogs, if I must.

No one dog should have all that POWER! This is Beaux. He numberwun dog around here. The only reason he numberwun is because he got here first. Russell say, “no one dog should have all that power.” I not know what that mean.


Beaux-man pulled my pillow, I mean a pillow off the couch and set it up like that by himself. He my hero.

I would follow you into the mists of Avalon if that's what you mean...

Nappin' with Big R.







Beaux once told me, “I would follow you into the mists of Avalon if that’s what you mean.” I not know what that mean.







This is Beaux nappin’ with Big R… I very jealous.







Don’t let his noble carriage and Field and Stream good looks fool you…







The numberwun dog is so goofy! Why he numberwun dog? I not goofy.




Scary Beaux


He can also be scary.






Beaux is majestic.




But not really. He too majestic to be scary.





Lil Sno Chief



This is Chief. He does a move called, “The Claw.” He had heartworms and Mom saved him. He sleeps a lot but likes patrolling and getting pets.





Baxter Lil Sno

This is Baxter. He hears bees and Mom gives him drugs for epilepsy. Mom says I should be nice to him. Ha. What she know?



Lil Sno N Friends Baxter and the entertainment center. He puts his head in the silliest places. Here he has head in entertainment center. I make joke about how HE entertainment center. No one laugh.



Buddy Lil Sno



This is Buddy. He belongs to mom of Dad and lives close by. He’s about my size, very cute, very friendly. I hate him.









Why you want to look at other dogs? Here pictures of me.